Unchained Goddess DVD cover

Unchained Goddess DVD cover

Reading a post called ‘Climate science is older and better established than you think’ on grist.org sent me into sweet nostalgia land. Suddenly I was back in my fourth grade classroom watching one of the many filmstrips produced in the 1950s and 60s by Bell Telephone. I’m not that old, by the way, so the films seemed old and quaint even in the heady 1980s when my class watched them. Produced by Frank Capra of It’s a Wonderful Life fame, ‘The Bell Science’ television show taught my classmates and I much of the basics about biology and the earth sciences.

What’s amazing is that this particular film, The Unchained Goddess, produced in 1958, has a segment on climate change/global warming (embedded below). It features a brief and clear explanation about rising temperatures due to carbon dioxide emissions from cars and industry, the possible future melting of polar ice caps and resultant flooding – pretty much the same warnings and information we get from the scientific community today. But it was made over fifty years ago.

So despite the warm nostalgia from seeing a bit of the old ‘Bell Telephone Science Series’, I’m a little dismayed and disappointed that this early climate change science went unheeded for so many years. Dr. Frank knew and sent out clear warnings to all us kids for years on end. But apparently no one in government or industry wanted to know.

Money talks, science walks, eh?

1958 – Global Warming – It’s NOT newly known

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