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Source: climateinteractive.org

People across the globe are following the big Copenhagen event. Businesses, schools, politicians, stay-at-home parents and even celebrities are keeping a close eye on the climate change negotiations, waiting and wondering about what will happen. What will the results be? Where do we go from here? It is possible to watch 24/7 live coverage of the event, but given the time needed to sleep, eat and do other daily things, it is guaranteed that portions of the conference will be missed or even misunderstood.

This is where the Climate Scoreboard comes in. This website is keeping track of all current proposals and negotiations. They have created a graph that shows what has been proposed thus far for reaching climate change goals. The graph uses 3 colors to show where things currently stand:

  • Yellow: shows what things will be like in 2100 if greenhouse gas emissions are not reduced
  • Blue: shows what things will be like in 2100 if the current proposals go into effect
  • Green: shows the goal for limiting temperature increase to 1.5 – 2.0 C (34.7 – 35.6 F)

You can follow the Climate Scoreboard on Twitter and also post the widget on your website or profile. The best part of that is when they update the information on their system, your widget will update automatically as well. This way, you won’t have to keep updating it yourself every time new information is available.

Head over to the site now to check out the current data. Also, if you are a citizen of a country that appears to not be living up to your environmental expectations, let them know! Contact your government and demand that something be done.