Here is a brief rundown about how British newspapers are covering the COP15 conference in Copenhagen. It is based on the papers’ websites, as I don’t dare exit my house to buy copies of them all due to an intense fear of increasing my carbon footprint.

Richard Black, environment correspondent for the BBC News website has a ‘COP15 Copenhagen climate summit’ blog which you can read here.


photo by noodlepie (source: Flickr Creative Commons)

The London Times Copenhagen Diary is a collection of interesting, lesser known facts and trivia connected to the happenings surrounding the COP15 conference.

The Guardian‘s Mathew Weaver has a ‘liveblog’ that details the opening day at the climate summit featuring observations every few minutes.

The Independent offers an irreverent and humorous Copenhagen diary, apparently with the intent of poking as many holes in the summit with as many witty barbs as possible.

The Evening Standard, which has recently become a ‘free paper’, doesn’t contain much Copenhagen coverage, but has a blog entitled ‘The Great Climate Circus rolls into town’.
The Telegraph has no such feature that I can find, but plenty of stories relating to Copenhagen and climate change, as do the Financial Times and the Daily Mirror. The Daily Express has just a couple of ‘skeptical articles’ relating to climate change

Contrastingly, Britain’s most popular papers aren’t really bothered. The Sun, the U.K.’s most widely circulated newspaper, has one climate change headline, asking its readers to discuss with the droll prompt: ‘Climate change just hot air?’ But it’s not a leading question or anything like that, of course. The second largest British newspaper is the Daily Mail, which has a cartoon on the Copenhagen summit way down at the bottom of its online front page, with Posh Spice and the infidelities of Tiger Woods grabbing the main headlines. The Daily Star and Scotland’s Daily Record are similarly rubbish for those in search of environmental news.