Greenpeace Youth Vigil in Copenhagen, photo by solargeneration (source: Flickr Creative Commons)

  • The G77 block of developing nations, chaired by Sudan’s Lumumba Stanislaus Di Aping accused developed nations of ‘carbon colonialism’ by giving an unfair share of allotted emissions to rich countries. The reaction by developing nations is in response to a leaked draft proposal, which has been dubbed the ‘Danish text’. Read about it in the London Times and in the Guardian.
  • The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is ‘fighting to ‘make up for lost time’. As well as announcing plans to adopt stricter fuel economy standards and the development of renewable energy projects, the EPA officially declared on Monday that greenhouse gases are a danger to public health, which puts them under the umbrella of the Clean Air Act.  Read more in the Washington Post.
  • Protests and visual statements have made their presence at the climate summit in Copenhagen. This New York Times slideshow displays demonstrations demanding more action on climate change, strong statements against meat eating and factory farming as well as sculptures depicting climate refugees.
  • Despite the shadow of the infamous CRU emails hanging over the summit, the United Kingdom’s Met Office has released data showing the first decade of this century to be the ‘warmest on record’. This BBC report explains the claims by the Met Office, which are also supported by NASA and the World Meteorological Organization.
  • More rich/poor split plus poor/poor split: China is also predictably critical of developed nations, namely the U.S., the countries of the European Union and Japan. This article in Metro briefly summarizes arguments by China and Brazil. This BBC report details the cleavage between developing nations at COP15. The split highlights the differences between poorer countries who will suffer most from climate change (like Tuvalu) and those whose priorities lie with increased industrial development, such as China, India and South Africa.

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