Picture 23

Image source: sandbagclimategame.org

In the past few months leading up to COP15 (and even in the past several years) you may have heard or seen mentioning of different countries and their proposed target emissions. Some countries’ CO2 emissions have skyrocketed, while others have kept themselves on the greener side of the fence. If you are wondering how your own country measures up when compared to others, you can find out. How? Well, head over to Sandbag and check out their Carbon Emissions Target Converter.

You simply select the country and base year then enter the emission reduction percentage you hope to achieve by 2020. If charts and graphs aren’t your thing, you can also check out the Power Sector Game, where you have to negotiate and agree on a Climate Change deal.

I am sure there will be a lot more campaigns and nifty online programs or games to check out in the next 2 weeks, with the COP15 event nearing the horizon. Be sure to keep an eye here on GreenFudge.org for more information as things progress!