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Act on CO2 image still – DEFRA

The U.K.’s Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, or Defra for short, has a number of campaigns and programs focusing on environmental issues such as driving less, energy efficiency, saving water, recycling and climate change. Defra’s ACT ON CO2 project is one such campaign. Below are two current TV ads and links to their respective websites, which contain helpful information about driving less and saving water ­– two effective ways to reduce your individual and household carbon footprints. Also included is a previous ad from an earlier version of the ACT ON CO2 campaign.


ACT ON CO2 ­– Could you drive 5 miles less a week?

‘Around 40% of CO2 emissions in the UK are caused by things we do as individuals. Of this, the top four sources of personal CO2 emissions are:


1. Personal car travel (26.1%)

2. Space heating (24.8%)

3. Personal flights (14.0%)

4. Water heating (12.0%)’


(source: ACT ON CO2)

ACT ON CO2 – Save water ‘The Big Picture’

‘Though the UK often seems to be awash with water, with a growing population and ever-increasing water use, we can’t carry on using water in the same way. One fifth of a household’s carbon footprint already comes just from heating water for baths, showers and washing up. We all need to act now to stop wasting water. The good news is that by following a few simple measures we can easily cut water wastage, save money and protect the environment.’


(source: ACT ON CO2)

Defra ‘Act on CO2′ TV advert (from an earlier campaign)

Additional resources:
Climate change videos from Oxfam and the U.K. Government

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