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Acclaimed British filmmaker Shane Meadows, whose work includes the motion pictures This is England, Dead Man’s Shoes and Somers Town, has also directed public service advertisements for the U.K.’s Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs, or Defra. Part of Defra’s wider ACT ON CO2 campaign, Meadow’s ads highlight the campaign ‘Save Money, Save Energy’ which aims to encourage families in Britain to be more energy smart in areas such as insulation, cars and driving, and electricity use in the home. Fans of Shane Meadows as well as those in need of cost-effective, energy-saving tips should appreciate these small pieces of work from the Bafta-winning director.

Be sure to check out the Save Money, Save Energy section of the ACT ON CO2 website for more information.

ACT ON CO2 (ad directed by Shane Meadows)

ACT ON CO2 – directed by Shane Meadows

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Shane devotes his energies to making a real difference

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