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First – from NBC television’s ‘The Today Show’, a story about two American families who reduce their energy use by taking simple measures in their own homes. The report includes several helpful ways to save energy and save money. Tips range from installing low flow showerheads to weather stripping windows and doors. Watch to see if you can learn something about Greening up your own home that might save you money at the same time.

‘Families go green to save big’

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Next, from San Francisco’s NBC News affiliate KNTV – a quick story about eco friendly sex aids. You may want to ask young viewers to leave the room for this story. Just kidding, it’s pretty tame. After all, it is American network news. Many San Franciscans apparently want vegan condoms and to have Green sex – and why not? Green sex is sex free from chemicals and toxins that potentially harm people and the environment – the safest sex of all.

‘Sex goes green: Demand is hot for organic sex supplies’

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