Edith Wilson – Descendant of Pocahontas first American woman President?

Yes you read it right, in American History there is a date to remember for all the feminists out there: September 25th, 1919. On that day not only was Edith Bolling Galt Wilson, descendant of Pocahontas, already First Lady of the USA; no on that day this Pocahontas offspring with very little formal education did, in fact, become what you could call the first American woman president.

Her husband at the time, President Woodrow Wilson, who was giving a public speech in Pueblo, Colorado, suddenly collapsed on that famous September day. In the days and weeks following the stroke, after her husband became disabled due to his collapse, Edith quickly picked up the reigns. Although she and President Wilson’s doctors where convincing the public that the President was in recovery, the truth was that he was partially paralyzed and nearly blind. So in effect, during his so-called recovery, Edith was in full control of the nation and in a sense the first women President of the United States, and descendent of Pocahontas… Read the full article here

By Priscilla Lorenzo