Boise, Idaho – A pub in Idaho has come up with creative ways to implement proper waste management and cut back on energy consumption.


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Monday thru Friday from four to six pm, the lights are out and candles are lit at Bittercreek Alehouse. Neon beer signs, extra refrigerators, TV’s and other appliances are unplugged during their low-power happy hour. Started in 2008, the scheme has helped cut an estimated 35 percent of their electric bill.

Their effort to reduce waste is accomplished by composting vegetable scraps and coffee grounds in the pub’s basement. To pass up on packaging, they make their own ketchup and other condiments which they serve in reusable dishes. They also source most of their products such as organic potatoes and roasted coffee beans locally.

Their booze menu also states how far each drink has traveled from its point of origin, the effect has been positive since they’ve sold more local wine and beer compared to other imported drinks.

Compared to expensive kitchen remodeling projects geared to make their establishment more efficient, these little projects are effective and also budget friendly. Read the full article here

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