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The Environment Protection Agency (EPA) headquarters in Washington D.C. as well as its regional offices in other states are being targeted by coalfield activists and clean energy advocates protesting mountaintop removal and coal mining. JP Morgan Chase bank’s New York and Chicago branch were not spared by protesters as well because they helped fund the coal mining project conducted by Massey Energy in West Virginia.

Blasting mountaintops to remove coal deposits underneath not only damages the environment, it also poses a grave threat to the safety of thousands of residents nearby. The protesters are calling on the US government to intervene with the mining projects and help ensure the safety of mining communities and protection of the environment.

Instead of going for a limited and destructive coal operation in the Appalachian Mountains, people should strive to adapt clean energy transition such as the proposed Coal River Wind project. The wind turbines which will be located along the mountain range is slated to generate enough clean energy to power 150,000 homes, hundreds of long-term jobs, and millions of dollars in tax revenues and local commerce. Read the full article here

By Maria Belgado