Ladies, have you ever wanted to really make an eco-statement with your clothes? Sure, there are fashion products now made out of recyclables or earth friendly materials, but how extreme are you willing to go for your planet? Would you consider wearing Living Shoes?


Living Shoes by Tuscany-based artist Carmel Walsh

Living Shoes are the latest thing designed by Tuscany-based artist Carmel Walsh. With the use of a variety of plants, these shoes are able to biodegrade once their lives come to a bittersweet end. She was not alone in the making of this product, however. With the help of local farmers and wood restorer Daniele Nencioni, the shoes are made out of a variety of organic items. To ease your curiosity, here is the list of (some of) the things that went into the making of the shoes: “vegetable tanned leather, walnut wood heels, caucciu covered organic cotton, linen, raffia, hemp, bamboo and cork”.

When asked about her shoes, Walsh said “I was inspired by the shapes of cliffs and terraced farming on mountains; by the rich world of textures in coral reefs; by the change of color within the decay and erosion of the earth. The basic concept of life, the cycle of a seed growing into a plant whose fibers can be used to make natural fabrics, which in turn can be used to make sustainable footwear is beautiful and idealistic. The final goal is the reduction of impact upon that which I find inspiration – nature. What is born from nature returns to it in the end.” She also adds that “fun ideas spring to mind with my collection, changing the seeds instead of shoes with the passing seasons. It is my hope that in their second life they will decay and grow as an art piece.”

As it looks right now, these shoes are one of a kind and will not be available in shoe stores. But if there is enough of a demand for them, well, who knows! You could always attempt to create your own pair, as well, if so inclined. At the very least, these shoes certainly are another step in the right direction.