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Armed with financial smarts, technological know-how and strong environmental ethics, 26 MBA student-members of the Environmental Defense Fund’s Climate Corps successfully finished their internships at various companies.

Dell, eBay, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Cisco and SunGard were among those who participated in the 10-week internship program. Although these companies already have people working on energy efficiency research, the Climate Corps helped provide a financial perspective on initiatives that are being worked on.

The Climate Corps shared their expertise on optimized building management systems through lighting-retrofit plans, extensive data gathering and analysis, installation of intelligent power strips, and many others.

By projecting the long-term benefits, specifically on savings and carbon footprint reduction, the companies can develop and enforce a streamlined system focusing primarily on energy consumption cutbacks. An estimated $54 million in annual savings is expected once these schemes are put into practice. Read the full article here

By Maria Belgado