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Yes, there is yet another type of water bottle out now and so far, this one seems to be different from the rest.

WaterGeeks, a global water crisis-fighting company based in Western Canada, came out with a bottle that has its own filter system. While this filter system is not very useful in the great outdoors, it is very handy for those who live in towns or cities. The filters of these bottles are specifically for removing things like lead, chlorine and heavy metals, as well as tastes, odors and other tap water contaminates. I remember when I went to art school in Philadelphia; the tap water in our dorm was extremely chalky; so much that you could not see through a “clear” glass of water. A bottle like this would have certainly been handy (and prevented a lot of sickness that year due to contaminated water).

Another great point about this bottle (and what makes it different from the rest) is how it is made. This bottle is made of stainless steel, which eliminates the need of a liner. In comparison to its plastic competition, that would make this bottle 100% BPA-free, and a definite savior for mothers with anger-driven little girls. Also, 60% of the bottle material also comes from recycled items; and if it should somehow get damaged, you can always have that steel recycled again.

You’re probably thinking: a stainless, recyclable steel bottle that’s BPA-free and has its own filtration system must cost a pretty penny, right? Wrong. These items are available for as little as $10.99 and come in 60 different color combinations. Not to mention that in the past year, at least 20% of the sales of WaterGeeks products was donated to the US Fund for UNICEF. Now, that’s a water bottle company worth buying from!

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