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In the light of plastic pollution, it is disturbing to find how it poses as a rising threat to our oceans. During the convention of the Strategic Council on Plastic Pollution, marine biologist Dr. Wallace J. Nichols shared that plastic and its remains can already be found in the stomach of sea turtles, birds and fish all over the world. Toxic substances from plastic debris that permeate our food chain are tantamount to slowly ingesting poison.

Effects of unrestrained consumerism are now staring us in the face, yet most people do not grasp the extent of the damage these adverse consequences have.

Recycling is not the answer; it is only one way to offset our disposable / throw-away habits. A more lasting solution is to embrace a culture of sustainability. We should consume less and eliminate the use of throw-away plastics that poison our lands and our oceans. We are endangering ourselves and the generations to come if we continue our habits of over-consumption. Read the full article here

By Maria Belgado