Hurricane winds along the U.S. Atlantic coast may finally prove to be useful.


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Northeastern states—ranging from New Jersey to Maine—are collaborating on starting the nation’s first offshore wind farm. Trying to become more independent from the use of energy from the Midwest, the eastern states are rushing to get this giant project up and running. Initially, the states were working on their own, individual projects; but now they see that combining their efforts and resources will have a much greater advantage to all.

There are still a number of issues that need to be taken care of before things get going, such as wildlife concerns, zoning permits and even the process of installing the offshore turbines. But, by tackling this in a combined effort, the states will be saving money, providing more jobs and a much sought after local energy source.

If the project comes to complete fruition, it looks like the northeastern states may have finally found their niche in energy independence.