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The demand for renewable fuel and energy may soon be satisfied, and all it took was reclaiming the energy of a product we’ve been using for years: plastic.

Yesterday, Envion revealed its new plastic-to-oil conversion technology, known as the Envion Oil Generator (EOG). The first of its kind, this generator will convert any form of plastic into high quality, synthetic light to medium oil for less than $10 per barrel. Each unit can process up to 10 thousand tons of plastic waste every year, which will produce 3 to 5 barrels per ton. In other words, one EOG can produce over a million gallons of oil per year.

And that’s not all. Not only will Envion be able to convert plastic into oil, it can also convert 82% of its waste into fuel and even reuse the sludge as a result. The process itself is extremely self-contained, which minimizes emissions, and vent gas is recycled within the unit for electricity generation.  Both the reused waste and vent gas are also used as fuel sources to power generate the Envion units as well.

Plastic itself is derived from petroleum, and therefore already contains a high level of stored energy. The energy density of certain types of plastic can be compared to that of gasoline, and is at least 51% higher than that of coal. The United States alone produces at least 50 million tons of plastic waste per year, most of which ends up in landfills. With Envion’s technology, it will be possible to eliminate the process of plastic even going to landfills at all.

“Envion’s products and services are specifically designed to be sustainable, renewable, and scalable with rapid delivery using cost-effective and efficient supply chains and applying just-in-time manufacturing to minimize inventories,” says Envion Chairman and CEO Michael S. Han. He also adds that “the market for our technology is vast, and it provides municipalities with a solution that cuts costs”.

The oil that is extracted from the plastic can be refined and used to produce gasoline, jet fuel, kerosene, asphalt and other products. With an increased demand for oil and renewable energy sources and depletion in supplies, this could not be a better time for Envion to come forth. Not only will they be able to meet demands for renewable energy sources while meeting environmental standards, they are also helping the US become more independent from foreign oil sources.

Being the first of its kind, I’m sure Envion’s revolutionary technology will be the envy of its competition.

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