‘Developing countries can shift to lower-carbon paths while promoting development and reducing poverty, but this depends on financial and technical assistance from high-income countries, says World Development Report 2010: Development and Climate Change.’  –WDR 2010 section of the World Banks website


Image source: Wikimedia Commons

The World Development Report is an annual guide produced by the World Bank on economic, environmental and social issues. This years report – for 2010 – is entitled ‘Development and Climate Change’ and stresses that countries can experience economic growth and at the same time be environmentally responsible. Read the World Bank’s press release for WDR 2010 (dated September 16th)here.

World Development Report 2010: Development and Climate Change emphasizes that countries must ‘act now’, ‘act differently’ and ‘act together.’ Both the report’s main messages and full text can be downloaded on the WDR 2010 homepage.

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