Europeans: what is a Green city?


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EU Tube, the European Union’s Audiovisual Service youtube channel, produces informative and sometimes simply promotional videos about various issues concerning the EU. Many of EU Tube’s videos have an environmental bent, some getting their message across more effectively than others. As far as Green propaganda, I like this one: Make Love, Not CO₂. In 30 seconds it gives several simple visual tips on how to conserve energy and live more intelligently. It does so with just the right amount of judgmentalism and straighforwardness that selfish, modern, ADD-suffering young European Unionites need.

Contrastingly, in Green cities fit for life, EU Tube goes to the campus of the College of Europe in Bruges, Belgium and asks several bright young things about what they think it means to have an environmental conscious city. Answers include green spaces, sustainability, waste management and the proper use of resources.

A Good Idea: Europe Says Goodbye to 100-Watt Bulbs

In related news, the European Union is banning wasteful 100-watt light bulbs in an effort to become energy-efficient by shifting to electricity-saving models. According to an August 26, 2009 article on, by September 1, 2012 the EU plans to have all incandescent bulbs phased out. Criticisms on the initiative include concerns about the amount of mercury in the new light bulbs and the claim that people with medical conditions related to light-sensitivity will still need the old type of bulb. The new energy-efficient models are estimated to save Europeans an average of €166 or $236 per year in electricity costs.

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